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Norton antivirus is such a nice brand in term of AV because Norton having technical Support department they will help you fix Norton antivirus related issue. Some time user-facing trouble while using Norton internet security so don't worry about it our technician will resolve this concern you need to call our technician at +1800-998-4538. Here I am going to tell you some issues those faced by the user while using Norton internet security and some of them you can resolve by yourself and some of them you need customer support.

Norton Error code 3048,3

While using AV you will get error code 3048,3 on your computer screen then you must understand there is some serious issue but don't worry about the system security your system remains safe and secure, If you are worried about this code then call Norton antivirus support deparment they will help you to fix this error code but if you want to do it by yourself then you need to know about the error message which is in front of you, The error code 3048,3 is defined as you don't have latest version of antivirus it occurs when you are using Norton antivirus with older version, so just download latest version of antivirus and remove this error message, you have to follow some steps which is mention below:

  • Download the Norton antivirus.
  • Go to security and click on "LIVE UPDATE".
  • Let the antivirus Update automatically then after click "OK" after completion of  Norton antivirus live update.
  • Run Live update until you see the message on the screen that means Norton has most recent protection update.
  • Restart your PC.
  • If you won't able to follow this step use  Norton remove or reinstall tool.
Norton internet security

Norton error code 8505,129

when error code 8505, 129 will occurs then you will have to follow these step but it necessary to know about the error code. The error code 8505,129 tells about the is your Network unstable? which means your network is unstable or flicking some time so how to fix this error code read the guideline.

  • Go to internet option of your system and open internet connection.
  • Then click on connection tab and select the LAN setting option.
  • In LAN setting box check that no proxy option will be selected.
  • Then click on apply and finally ok
  • If you are not able to fix this concern our well certified technical team is always there for you or you can connect with them via online chat just visit the

    For Instant Support Call Toll Free USA/CANADA: 1-800-998-4538